The Franklin University Web Servers Are Currently Down      Franklin University

The Franklin University Web Servers are currently down for either scheduled maintenance (please see our Regularly Scheduled System Maintenance times shown below) or emergency repairs.

Please check back again a little later. We apologize for the inconvenience and are always working to provide you with the most accessible system possible.

Regularly Scheduled System Maintenance

We are constantly improving our Internet services to make your online experience better. However, this means that, at times, our web sites may be unavailable.

In an effort to allow us to continually upgrade and improve our Internet services, while minimizing disruptions to our students and faculty we have set aside two regularly scheduled times for the maintenance of our various Internet systems, such as, and

Whenever possible maintenance is scheduled during the following times:

These times were chosen based on our lowest usage times and the already established maintenance schedule of Franklin University's Internet Service Provider.

Please note that although these time blocks are set aside for maintenance requiring system downtime, we do our best to minimize the downtime necessary to perform maintenance. During these scheduled time blocks, there may be times when no maintenance is performed, or the maintenance performed does not require the entire time block. In these cases, the systems will not be disrupted during the scheduled times, or will be disrupted for only part of the scheduled times.

Thank you for understanding our system maintenance needs. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best Internet services possible.